Old Castle Oia in Santorini

The Old Castle is idyllically nestled on the breathtaking cliff face of Oia overlooking the mesmerizing tranquility of the Aegean.

Directly above are the ruins of the Old Castle, strikingly silhouetted in shapes and colors. The iconic sunset can be seen descending, directly from each room, into the alluring sapphire blue sea covering the sky with a spectrum of colors that make every moment in Santorini captivating and memorable.

The 65 widely paved steps spiraling down to your Suite are scattered with an array of Boutique Hotels that escort you to your destination and upon arrival, you glimpse at the overwhelming view.

This is a photo of Old Castle Oia in Santorini


The Old Castle Oia is built on the majestic rocks of Oia and offers elegant accommodation with great views of the Aegean Sea and the World Famous Santorini Sunset.